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Our capabilities

Positive and personalised brand experiences

Our goal is to provide every consumer with a positive, personalised brand experience powered by people and technology.

Electronics Store Shopping

Omni-channel solutions

Delivering excellence in-store and online

Customers no longer shop in channels. They don’t think online and offline, they simply expect excellence, wherever they meet your brand. We have evolved our offering to meet that challenge, creating emotional connections at every stage of the customer journey both in the store and online.

  • Drive your sales with in-store presence that converts interest to purchase
  • Create brand advocates who have the will and the skill that befits your brand
  • Excite and engage with events that bring your stories to life
  • Improve your online sales with people-powered video chat
  • Engage your audience with compelling content that attracts and grows your audience
  • Provide the Direct To Consumer experience that your brand deserves

Field marketing

We take your brand direct to the people with our vibrant and passionate field marketing teams. Whether it is converting engagement to sales, creating knowledgeable advocates for your brand or just having a finger on the pulse in store, we can do it all.

With close to 20 years of experience telling the stories behind the products, we deliver results and drive ROI, every time

Facebook Field Marketing

Brand Experience

Grabbing the attention of your audience, educating and inspiring them, means we create loyal fans who advocate for your brand and buy your product. We use face to face interactions to foster those critical connections that last.

Be it hands-on for consumers in a shopping mall or interactive training at a retailer conference, we have the experience and the know-how to get you the standout you deserve.

Bosch Brand Experience

People-powered video shopping

Our easy to implement in-house tech provides the platform for live web chat interaction, from text through to video. Consumers get all the best parts of the in-store experience via your website, guided, advised and assisted through their online journey.

But we don’t simply sell software. We bring our 20 years of FM experience to the party, sourcing & training talent, measuring and improving ROI at every touchpoint.

Online Product Demonstration

Content Services

All your content requirements are covered and our meticulous planning ensures every scene and every image hits the mark. Attention to detail runs right through from storyboarding, to talent sourcing and prop acquisition.

Our e-learning modules are designed to educate and inspire, blending fun and interactivity, so those in-store conversations are backed up by knowledge and advocacy.

People Powered Virtual Shopping